When it comes to your garden, you don’t want to just have plants and flowers that bloom in Spring or Summer. You want a pop of colour all year round, which is why we wanted to share the wonders of the Red Robin Shrub with you. If your garden looks dismal in the colder months, chances are, you will welcome the stunning addition of the Photinia Red Robin hedging plant.

This blog post will share how the beauty of the scarlet leaves will transform your garden, no matter the season. You will be able to look out into your garden and see how the scarlet contrasts beautifully with the weather.

What Is Photinia Red Robin?

A Red Robin plant is an evergreen shrub with various scarlet leaves amongst green ones, depending on the plant. These shrubs can grow at a rate of approximately 30cm per year if they are healthy and fully established. Therefore, pruning is a must with the Red Robin shrub, as this can help keep it looking good and feeling healthy.


The leaves of Red Robin shrub are glossy and vividly red when it is young; however, the leaves turn green when mature. The varied colour palette keeps things interesting in your garden as the season’s progress.

Pruning Time

As you notice the leaves on Red Robin slowly transforming from red to green, you will need to start pruning the shrub. Only prune when the new foliage on the Red Robin has gone from red to green, typically taking six weeks.

Typically, you will need to trim and maintain your Red Robin in later winter as well as early spring. You can trim down the width and height of the shrub depending on your requirements, garden or preference.


Red Robin can grow to a height of 4 metres; however, pruning will allow you to keep the shrub at your desired height.


To prompt growth, we recommend planting Red Robin with access to the sun; however, it still does well in partial shade. Therefore, you should aim to avoid planting in a full shaded area. Once grown, your Red Robin rarely requires watering, which is beneficial during moderate drought.

Your Gardening Needs

If you have any further questions about our versatile Red Robin Shrub or any plant in our collection, we are happy to help. You can contact us today if you need any further assistance.