You may not know this, but there are a variety of flowering plants that you can grow in your garden.

These flowers can be grown indoors or outdoors and they will provide you with a wide range of colours and scents to enjoy. To find out more about the top 6 flowering plants for beginners, read on!

1. English Ivy

English ivy can be grown in many different ways. It’s not just for the outside, you could also grow it on your patio or porch! You might want to use English Ivy as an attractive groundcover that will hide any unsightly views from sight by growing up near trellises and coverings such as walls where there are no plants already present – because this climber loves shade so much. You may wish to keep them contained by either potting with an elevated stake framework or because they’ve got great taste when decorating with variegated types too.

2. Peace Lily

Homeowners who are looking for a house plant that they can grow in their homes and have without worrying too much about it should consider the peace lily. Unlike other plants with difficult requirements such as sunlight or watering schedules, this one thrives even when you forget to give them any attention at all.

The glossy green leaves and big white bracts will impress you with their beauty as well as how little maintenance they require – just water when necessary using an indoor plant container to spray house plants such as peace lilies can be of help in reducing the amount of air pollution.

3. Daffodils

Daffodils are a popular spring bulb because they’re easy to grow and come in many different colours. These beautiful flowers typically have yellow petals, but there is more than one kind! Daffodil bulbs can be planted anytime from autumn until early winter when it’s finally time for them to start blooming again – if you take care of them well enough that is.

You might not get an entire season out of your bulbs though-sometimes people replant their dead zones after harvesting so as much beauty lasts longer. All things considered, daffodils are an easy plant to grow for novice gardeners. When selecting which bulbs to buy they must have a dry papery covering and point up with their ends not pointing down so you can avoid dirt clumps when planting the seed heads side by side evenly spaced apart about three-five inches deep into the soil or potting mix.

The flowers will only bloom once per season making sure there aren’t any fading petals before harvesting them as soon as possible after noticing yellowing leaves on plants (which means it’s the time!).

4. Geraniums

Geraniums are a long-time favourite among gardeners. They’re easy to grow, colourful and emit the loveliest scent! Here’s how you can keep them in your home all year round though they may be kept outdoors during warmer months of summertime.

Geranium plants typically need an indoor spot where they won’t freeze at night because their roots will die back when it gets really cold outside; however if given sufficient sunlight then these lovely flowers could bloom indoors 24 hours per day.

5. Pansies

Pansies are short-lived perennials that can be placed in pots or borders to add colour. The colourful flowers have faces, often darker around the centres with lighter blotches on them for variety’s sake – they’re also known as “whiskered” when this happens! Pansy plants flower all year round but it is especially useful if you want something more colourful during the winter months when other bulbs are bare.

6. Sunflowers

When the sun shines, it provides warmth and light to all life on Earth. These flowers are unique in that they have both nourishment as well as vibrancy attributes which mirror what our star offers us every day! Sunflowers are known for being happy flowers because whenever you see them lit up by sunlight or hear their cheerful “Tahs-taah” song while dancing among flower petals under an endless sky; nothing could make your heart happier than knowing someone close to understands how great this world really can be without hate filling its air.


The English Ivy, Peace Lily, Daffodils, Geraniums and Pansies are all flowers that can add a little green to your home this time of year. If you want something more colourful the Sunflower is a great choice for early spring blooms with its bright yellow petals. And if you’re looking for something unique try the Golden Showers plant which has leaves that turn gold in the fall, and then again when it starts growing back in late winter!

If you want to reap these benefits for yourself or someone else, make sure to include some potted plants on your shopping list!