Generated from renewable energy production. RocketGro products are brought to life through the process of anaerobic digestion on a farm in Somerset.

How to use RocketGro Magic Mulch

Magic Mulch is a very flexible all-natural Peat free product, which is great for Organic growers.

It is also nutrient rich with high levels of NPK so it should not be planted straight into and the Mulch should always be mixed into another growing medium.

No dig soil improver mulch

Scattering the product over your beds in a layer up to 2 cms thick will give beds and borders a welcome boost of nutrients and fibre, and the worms and rain will work that into your soil.

For out

When planting out add a 25% Magic Mulch to 75% compost mix into the ground and back fill the dug out soil in to support your plants, shrubs and young trees.

For pots, planters, baskets etc

Mix 25% Magic Mulch with 75% soil, compost, perlite, leaf mould, whatever the growing medium, Magic Mulch will compliment that and add amazing structure. The fibre in the product will help retain just enough water without making the container overly wet. The fibre will also add space for the roots of your plants to breathe and those small air pockets will help create stronger roots.

For digging over

When digging over a bed before planting, add a bag of Magic Mulch per two square meters for the perfect health boost for your soil.

A weed suppressant

Magic Mulch will help stop weeds from growing through when used as a Mulch. But, unlike most Mulch products, Magic Mulch is 100% natural, and adds organic fibre, and adds a powerful combination of nutrients. As well as looking neat and tidy on your beds, you will know that you are slow feeding and re balancing the health of your soil at the same time.

To over winter

Magic Mulch is the perfect long term feeding solution to keep your beds and borders in the best form they can be over autumn and winter

Animal product free

Magic Mulch is completely animal product free and is totally safe to use with pets and children as it is chemical free.

10 -12 weeks

Magic Mulch will slow release its nutrients and NPK for 10-12 weeks. This is double the average compost.

Freshly bagged

Magic Mulch is also freshly bagged to order so it hasn’t been sitting in storage for 6 months like many composts. This means that the nutrient levels will far surpass most composts.