Invite wildlife into your garden with our range of innovative, attractive and eco-friendly products.

In today's world, we all have to take more responsibility for the welfare of other species and our planet as a whole than ever before, you can do your bit by making your garden a more friendly place for wildlife and small animals. From bees to birds and butterflies to hedgehogs there are lots of things that you can do to make your garden a haven for wildlife of the smaller variety, West Somerset Garden Centre offers a range of useful, attractive and ecologically responsible products to help you on your way.

One of our bee hotels is the perfect way to help support our under pressure bee population, bees in the UK are under serious threat, they have lost much of their habitat over the last 60 years including up to 97% of flower-rich meadows. By adding a bee hotel or bee barrel to your garden you can provide local bee populations with a safe and secure space for them to nest and start to recover their numbers.

If you already have a bee hotel why not try a butterfly house? Our Tom Chambers butterfly and lacewing hangers are made from certified sustainable timber and provide a great place for butterflies, lacewing and all kinds of insects to nest.

By buying and using these products not only are you helping the natural world but you also create great opportunities for children and grandchildren to take up an interest in nature and the garden.

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