Nyjer Seed

One of the most popular seeds for garden birds is the Nyjer seed. The Nyjer seed is small, black and thin, and comes from the African Yellow Daisy. Being high in oil and a nutritious source of energy for garden birds, this is a must-have mix to have in your greenhouse.

Many birds will eat Nyjer seeds, including American Goldfinches, Song Sparrows, House Finches, Purple finches, California quail, and more. It is also popular with other sparrows, doves, buntings, and quail.

Nyjer seeds are extremely beneficial for birds in winter as they are high in calories, which means they will help store fat. Storing fat allows the birds to stay warm in winter and results in them having lasting energy so they can survive through the colder seasons.

Many of our Nyjer seed packs are available in different sizes, such as 0.75kg and 2kg. All our products are made from high-quality seeds and are affordable. Whether you are feeding your garden birds to help them thrive through winter or simply want to encourage them to come into your garden, Nyjer seeds are a great way to do both. Birds will hopefully flock to your garden to enjoy your Nyjer seeds, and they will leave with a belly full of nutritious food.

Browse through our collection of Nyjer seeds today and find the perfect feed to support your local birds. If you have any questions about our Nyjer seeds, you can contact us today, as we will happily answer any relevant questions.

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