Feed the birds, bird food and wild bird food for all your feathered friends. We all love to see birds in our gardens, flitting from branch to branch in an old mature tree or perched in a bush or on the garden fence, they bring life, movement and colour to our gardens as well as their famous songs.

West Somerset Garden Centre stock wild bird food to keep the birds coming back to your garden time after time, our wild bird food is not only a tasty treat for the birds but a vital source of nutrition and energy through the cold winter months when their natural food sources may be scarce.

Tom Chambers suet insect logs are the perfect food for birds such as robins, finches and various members of the tit family the highly nutritious mixture of insects, seeds, suet and cereals will help to supplement the diet of some of our favourite garden visitors and ensure that they are in tip-top condition throughout the year.

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