Fill your garden with life and bird song, with a wild bird feeder. We have a wide range of bird feeders to suit all birds, food types and budgets, from seed bird feeders and peanut bird feeders to fat ball and suet bird feeders.

With wild bird numbers on the decline across the UK, we can all do our bit to help some of the gardens most enigmatic and desirable visitors, your garden is home to all kinds of wildlife, often acting as an oasis of green tranquillity in our hectic, overcrowded concrete world, so encourage them in and tempt them to stay by offering tasty treats from one of our beautiful bird feeders.

Not only can our wild bird feeders provide a vital source of food for birds struggling to find food during the cold and barren winter months but offering a range of different foods can tempt a wider variety of birdlife into your garden throughout the year.

As part of our commitment to providing the best quality products for your garden, West Somerset Garden Centre is proud to bring you the Tom Chambers range of bird feeders. Tom Chambers is a British manufacturer who has been making sustainable products from their Yorkshire base for 50 years, all of these bird feeders are made from FSC certified timber from well managed Scandinavian forests.

Browse the collection and find the perfect bird feeder to bring life and song into your garden this season.

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