You can encourage birds into your garden by providing plenty of places to nest. A nestbox is an excellent substitute for a tree hole. The species you attract will depend on the location, the type of box, and the size of the entrance hole.

Encouraging British wildlife into your garden couldn't be simpler with our range of Bird Tables & Baths designed for every garden. During the Winter months, leaving food out for wild birds can drastically reduce mortality rates. In the Springtime, bird tables provide much-needed nourishment for chicks while also supporting a healthy ecosystem. With these and many other benefits, it's no wonder that more and more people choose to install a bird table or bath in their garden. And, that's where the team at West Somerset Garden Centre come in to play. We have collated a full collection of wild bird accessories to suit every need.

Here you will find a range of bird tables, available in various sizes and designs. We stock wooden tables that offer exceptional durability along with plastic alternatives that are easier to clean. Many of our tables are designed to withstand the rigours of British weather while providing the safest place for birds to stop. Equally, our Bird Baths allow feathered friends to stay cool during the warmer months. They can be used to remove debris including parasites and dust from feathers and help them to stay healthy. You'll find a selection of styles here, each of which has been designed to support our bird population.

West Somerset Garden Centre is dedicated to providing our customers with everything they need to create the perfect outdoor space. If you have any questions about the Bird Tables and Baths available, please get in contact with the team here today.

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