Plant of the Month

Soft Fruit

November 2018 Plant of the Month - Soft Fruit


Why should I plant them?

Sweet, juicy fruit is nature’s candy. And it’s so easy to grow! Imagine walking through your garden, picking the ripest, freshest fruit from your own trees and bushes.

You don’t need an orchard, a dedicated allotment or greenhouse – fruit trees can fit in your borders and thrive in containers too. Many fruit bushes also love growing up against a sunny wall or fence.

If you’re really short of space, look for dwarf varieties that don’t grow too big but still produce plenty of fruit.

Step 1: Plant in the right place

Fruit bushes love the sun and ideally should be planted in an open space.

Planting a few fruit bushes will ensure you always have luscious pickings, and you can add them to your beds and borders so you don’t interrupt your current garden design.

However, if your outdoor space is small or limited, fruit bushes can also be grown in containers or pots (as long as the pots are 45cm in diameter); some bushes, like Gooseberries, can even grow against a wall.

Step 2. Plant at the right time

November through to February is the best time to plant fruit bushes, and the good news is that planting them doesn't take too long.

Simply soak the roots in a bucket of water for about thirty minutes, and when you’re ready to plant the bush, dig a hole big enough to allow space for the roots and some manure or compost, but not deeper than the original soil depth when you bought the bush.

Tease out the root and place the plant in the hole, firming the earth around the plant.

Make sure you water it and sprinkle mulch around the base.

New stock of fruit bushes are in store now......


Houseplant of the Month November 2018: Cyclamen Persicum


The story of Cyclamen
Thanks to its white and brightly coloured flowers, Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) is the ideal plant to combat the dark day blues. It may look delicate, but it’s a strong bloomer that emerges from a sturdy corm. The green leaves grow in a rosette, are heart-shaped and often have attractive silver-grey or pale green markings. Slender stems unroll between the leaves on which incredible flowers emerge which stand out like flags. They can be smooth, have fringes or stick out wide like a rara skirt, and come in a huge array of colours. 

Care tips for consumers 

  • Cyclamen like a cool and light spot, and does not like full sun or sources of heat nearby. 
  • The plant drinks a lot. Keep the soil slightly damp. Ideally, cyclamens like to take up their own water at room temperature from a saucer which can then be removed. The plant will indicate when it needs water again by drooping a bit. 
  • Regularly remove wilted flowers and plant in order to encourage new buds to open. 
  • It’s a good idea to give some plant food once every 3 weeks to ensure lengthy and lavish flowering. 


Cyclamen Persicum

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