A greenhouse is not just for growing young plants! There's always something you can grow in a greenhouse all year round and you can grow organically without the use of harmful chemicals.....and just think of the money you could save when growing your own produce! A greenhouse should be seen as a way of extending the growing seasons, creating a small micro climate of its own.  In the UK we are very resrticted by the elements and unpredictable climate change but a greenhouse simply allows the gardener to shut the door on the weather and mainatin those 'perfect growing conditions'.  Fruit and Vegetables which have previously been overlooked because they would not survive can be grown successfully in a greenhouse - peaches, nectarines, grapes and not forgetting all the old favourites, peppers, strawberries and chillies all thrive in the warm conditions a greenhouse offers.  Greenhouses are also often used for desert plants such as cacti or succulents thanks to their warm conditions.  So there's no reason why not to have a greenhouse.......! Shop our Vitavia range here...delivered to your door directly from the manufacturer with FREE home delivery.

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