Is wine too bland for your taste? Are you bored of spirits like vodka and rum? Do you not enjoy gin? If you are looking for an alternative beverage to the standard spirits available, check out the other spirits we have available.

The category is filled with alcohol that does not fit into the other sections of our website, and for a good reason, they are too distinctive. Take our popular Moonshine, for example. Moonshine was originally a term used for high-proof spirits that did not have government authorization. Luckily for Moonshine lovers, Moonshine has become a commercial product in recent years.

Our collection of other spirits features a 70cl bottle of Apple Pie Moonshine, which was handcrafted in Devon. The aroma, the flavour, the homemade quality, makes this Moonshine highly desirable to spirit lovers.

When you buy other spirits through the West Somerset Garden Centre, you are not just buying a traditional spirit. You are purchasing a spirit with pleasant aromas, good texture and a perfectly balanced aftertaste.

Take a look through our selection of other spirits today and see which bottle you would like the most. These spirits would also make an ideal present for someone’s Birthday or Anniversary, or as a housewarming gift.

Please drink responsibly.

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