Are you looking for a spirit to enjoy while you are lounging outside? Maybe you need an appropriate gift for a rum loving friend? If you are, then you have come to the right place as we have a selection of high-quality and delicious rum for you to try.

Did you know there are three main types of rum? The three main types of rum are spiced rum, dark rum and white rum; all are delicious as the next. With rum, you can enjoy it straight, on the rocks, with a mixer or combine it with other ingredients to create a cocktail.

With our selection of rum, you can create cocktails at home. With rum, you can create cocktails such as the Zombie, the Pina Colada, a Dark and Stormy, or the famous Mojito. You could also create a Daiquiri or a Long Island Iced tea with rum. No matter your preferred cocktail, our rum can help you create it.

Our collection features different types of delicious rum, including the Crumblebee Honey Spiced Rum, which was infused with honey from hives in the Exe Valley. The bees that were used in this rum were honey bees which were rescued and rehomed at the Valley.

A bottle of rum would make an ideal gift for any occasion, including Birthdays, anniversaries and even as a housewarming gift. No matter the occasion, our rum is on hand to make the day even more special.

Please drink responsibly.

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