Imagine relaxing in your garden with a glass of wine in your hand, or lounging with a bottle of cider by your side. This wine and cider dream can become a reality thanks to our cider and wine category, which contains drinks you will want to buy again and again.

Both cider and wine are made using fruit that undergo the fermentation process. Grapes are the most common fruit in the creation of wine, while cider apples are used in the majority of cider drinks. The same process might be used to create each beverage, but the two have entirely different tastes.

Our collection features wines and ciders that have incorporated different fruits, other than apples and grapes. Take our Jo Hilditch British Fraise Strawberry Mixer, for example, this drink uses blackcurrants in its creation.

We have bottles of cider and wine that have been beautifully packaged in Somerset boxes, making them the perfect shape to wrap as a gift. Any wine or cider lover will adore receiving a bottle from our collection for their Birthday or on Father’s Day or Mother’s day.

Where possible, we have partnered with supplies that use local produce. For example, the Somerset 5-year-old cider brandy is made entirely with Somerset Apples.

Please drink responsibly.

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