Having plants in the house or office, or indeed in any indoor space can be beneficial, they can brighten our mood and improve our emotional and mental state, but what if there were a group of plants that not only cheered us up but actually improved our health? How amazing would that be!

Well, the good news is that just such a group of plants does exist, many of the plants that we can grow in our homes will actually purify the air that we breathe, and Dutch company Air-So-Pure specialise in air purifying plants. West Somerset Garden Centre is proud to bring you the Air- So-Pure range so that you too can breathe cleaner air in your own home, office or classroom.

All of the plants in this category have been scientifically proven to improve the quality of the air we breathe in our indoor spaces, they achieve this miraculous feat by:

  • Absorbing and breaking down harmful gases that are released by paint, furniture, floor and wall coverings as well as things like printers.
  • Regulating the humidity within the room through their process of evaporation.
  • Cleaning the air and removing CO2 (carbon dioxide) by converting it into O2 (oxygen).

Don’t delay and start breathing cleaner air today, browse our range of air-purifying houseplants and air purifying plants for all indoor spaces.

If you require any help with choosing the perfect air purifying plant for your space get in touch and our expert staff will be happy to help.

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