We know that you love your garden as much as we love ours, so why should we confine ourselves to gardening outside? Bring the joy of gardening inside with our amazing range of houseplants, indoor plants and accessories. Bringing plants indoors offers a wide range of benefits in terms of how we live and our quality of life, from houseplants with vibrant green foliage and striking coloured blooms that raise our spirits and make us feel alive, to indoor plants with health benefits that actually purify the air inside our homes.

Breathe purer air with one of our Aloes, Dracaena or Spider plants.

Go green and get the jungle feel with the lush green foliage of one of our Aspidistras, Ferns or Cheese plants.

Brighten up your life and your home with the stunning colours of one of our Orchids, Hydrangeas or Azaleas.

Fill your home with fragrances, delicate, floral or heady with one of our Jasmine, Gardenia or Geraniums.

If you have a bigger space to fill we also have a wide variety of plants suitable for offices, commercial spaces, retail outlets.

The range and variety of houseplants that we can enjoy indoors are enormous, meaning that there is something for everybody, no matter what your taste in plants or your personal favourite. Browse our houseplant and indoor plant range and choose the perfect plant for your home from our stunning selection.

Buy online or contact us today for specialist knowledge that will ensure that you get the best houseplant for your specific needs.

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