Did you know that vodka is one of the most consumed spirits in the world? We believe that this statistic is because of how versatile this spirit is, you can enjoy it straight, with a mixer or in a cocktail.

Over time, different flavoured vodka has been introduced, everything from Vanilla vodka to summer berries vodka. You could even enjoy a bottle of raspberry or stick to the traditional vodka if you prefer. No matter your flavour preference, each one tastes as good as the next!

Vodka can also be used in several cocktails, which will help spice up your summer garden gatherings. Why not grab some vodka, apple juice, lemon juice and maple syrup, to create an Appletini? Vodka can also be used to create a Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Cosmo or even a White Russian. With a bottle of vodka at home, you won’t have to venture to the pub to enjoy your favourite cocktail now.

A bottle of vodka also makes a great Birthday present for any occasion, including Birthdays, anniversaries or even as a housewarming gift. No matter the event, a bottle of vodka is the right fit.

Our collection of vodkas is filled with different brands, flavours and sizes for you to try, take a look through our collection today.

Please drink responsibly.

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