No Mess Mixes

No mess mixes are a type of food that leaves no waste behind after the birds have eaten. Birds can completely consume our no mess mixes which means no hulls or uneaten pieces are left behind. No more sweeping away unwanted pieces or tidying up after the birds have gone; now, you can happily feed your local birds without cleaning up any mess.

Our no-mess mixes are carefully formulated to create a blend of seeds that are suitable for bird feeders and bird tables. If you are looking to attract and support your garden birds, our no-mess mixes are the perfect, all-year-round solution.

Many of our no mess mixes are available in different sizes, which means that you can select the one that meets your requirements. For example, our RSPB no mess sunflower mix is available in two sizes, 900g, and 1.8kg. All our no mess mixes are made from high-quality seeds, suitable for most garden birds, and affordable.

Providing food for your local wild birds helps support them during difficult months where it is harder to find food in nature. Many food sources are destroyed by certain developments, which is why having a bird feeder or a collection of mixes in your green space will help support local wild birds, as it will replace their food source.

You can browse our collection of no mess mixes today and find the perfect feed to support your local birds. If you have any questions about our no mess mixes, you can contact us today as we will happily answer any relevant questions.

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