Mealworm Feeders

Our collection of mealworm feeders help make sure local birds have access to a highly nutritious meal. At West Somerset Garden Centre, we have a range of long-lasting mealworm feeders, all of which are ideal for small and large gardens alike.

Mealworm feeders are incredibly easy to fill up, as many feature removable tops or bases, making them easier to clean. Mealworms are also very nutritious, as they are the perfect balance of fibre, fat and protein, which will help with the bird's health.

By serving mealworms in your feeder, you will be helping and attracting a variety of birds to your garden, which means you might attract a bird you haven't seen before. Examples of common birds that like mealworms include woodpeckers, bluebirds, robins and more.

Our affordable, durable and reliable collection of mealworm feeders could be a great addition to your garden. Certain bird feeders in our collection can be hung from branches or areas in your garden, which deters disturbance to the feeder. We even have bird feeders with pull-down perches which provides the birds with more space.

Buy your very own mealworm feeder today and help support your local wildlife. You never know how much your garden birds might need a bit of extra help, especially during the colder months. If you have any questions about our mealworm feeders or any of the products we provide, you can contact us today.

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