Fat Ball and Suet Feeders

Did you know that suet feeders are high-energy treats for small garden birds? On the other hand, while similar, fat balls are made from suet mixed with bird foods such as nuts, mealworms, and seeds. This type of bird food helps support birds' metabolism and will provide them with sufficient energy to ensure their fledglings thrive.

Our collection of fat ball and suet feeders provide you with a place to display your bird food, making it easier for local birds to have access to food throughout the year. Fat balls are especially beneficial in winter, as they will keep fledglings fully energised and can be a critical source of stamina and strength.

We all want our local birds to remain healthy, which is why having a fat ball and suet feeder in your garden is a great addition. Our range of fat ball and suet feeders are easy to install as you can hang them up virtually anywhere in your garden. The heavy-duty flick n click suet pellet feeder, for example, features a metal flick top lid with a magnetic clasp, which closes firmly and makes it easy to fill up. Some of our feeders even feature a removal base to make cleaning easier.

If you want to support your local wild bird community, our fat ball and suet feeders are a great way to do that without disrupting the appearance or layout of your garden. If you have any questions about our fat ball and suet feeders, you can contact a member of our team today.

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