Pest Control

Tackle your pest problem quickly and effectively with our range of PEST control products. Unwanted visitors in your garden can damage your plants, vegetables, or flowers. We have several different products in our collection, including poison-free traps and sonic repellents, which deter mice and rats from your garden. Protect your garden and home against unwanted guests today.

Tackle your pest immediately by investing in our range of pest control products. We have a variety of pest control formats available, which are suitable for specific problem areas. Many pest control products can be used indoors and outdoors and are easy to set up.

We have a collection of PEST control products in our range, including weather block bait, fresh n tasty mouse and rat attractant and the big cheese ultra-power mouse traps, to name a few products. We also have pest control products that will capture approximately four mice, which will allow you to set them free later.

You can select poison free pest control measures or even use a sonic repeller, which uses a powerful ultrasound to drive mice and rats from your garden or home.

West Somerset Garden Centre has a passionate team of dedicated gardeners and experts who have extensive experience and knowledge. If you have any questions about the products available in our PEST Control collection or require additional information, contact our team today.

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