Orchids are without doubt one of the most striking plants that you can grow in your home, delicate, exotic and unusual forms with exquisite and intricate flowers.

Many people believe that growing orchids indoors is tricky and difficult if not near impossible and should only be attempted by the likes of Monty Don, we at West Somerset Garden Centre disagree, we believe that growing indoor orchids should be for everybody.

There are many types of orchid over 20,000 species with 100,000 hybrids, so choosing the right variety for growing in your home is important. The good news is, that many of these species and hybrids are much more hardy than people believe, and are perfectly happy being grown on a sunny windowsill.

If you need advice on choosing an orchid to grow at home why not get in touch and speak to one of our knowledgeable team.

Most wild orchids do not root in soil, but rather attach themselves to trees and branches, so potting your orchids into soil containers at home is a great way to kill them, if you want your orchids to thrive, then you should consider using a specialist potting mix made from bark. Our specialist orchid products will get your orchids off to the best possible start by providing the perfect mix of air, moisture and nutrition and once they are well established, we have products to help them thrive so that you can enjoy them for longer.

Take a look at the products below and ensure that your indoor orchids are the best in class.



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