African Violet Products

African Violets require a certain level of care and in this category, you will find our most popular African Violet products including Focus and Repotting mix. These two products are used by many people to grow high-quality African Violets. The items that we stock on our website have been fully tested so you can grow beautiful flowers that are healthy and full of life.

These beautiful flowers originate from East Africa and they are available in many different colours including red and pink through to purple and white. With the right attention, careful cultivation and maintenance they can flower for many months. They are a compact plant too making them perfect for small spaces like window boxes or shelves.

West Somerset Garden Centre wants our customers to love the products that they buy from us. We take a lot of time and effort to source plant care products from the best suppliers because we know that the quality of our products is a reflection of our brand.

If you have any questions about African Violet products or general care and maintenance information for these beautiful plants, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer care team. We are always updating our website too, so don’t forget to check back soon for an updated product list.

African Violet Focus

African Violet Focus

£2.00inc. VAT

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