Growing plants indoors is a joy, they can bring greenery, vibrant colours, beautiful fragrance and cleaner air into our homes and West Somerset Garden Centre can help you to keep all of your indoor plants and houseplants in the best possible condition with our range of houseplant accessories.

With products from big-name manufacturers such as Growth Technology and Baby Bio, we have everything you need to keep your houseplants thriving throughout the year.

We have accessories for all types of popular houseplants.

Want your violets to be the envy of your neighbours? Why not try using Violet focus for strong healthy growth and prolonged and heavy flowering.

Are you growing bonsai? If so then bonsai focus could be exactly what you need, the combination mineral salts, plant acids and seaweed is perfectly tailored to the nutritional needs of bonsai trees.

Make growing indoor orchids that bit easier with orchid myst, a simple to use spray that will help your orchids to truly shine and keep their wow factor for longer.

With houseplant accessories for health, foliage, blooms, specialist repotting products West Somerset Garden Centre caters for all your needs and we are always on hand to help you choose exactly the right product for you and your plants. Browse the selection below or get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Baby Bio Leaf Shine

Baby Bio Leaf Shine

£5.51inc. VAT

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