Houseplant Products

Our online range of Houseplants have been collated together to make the perfect gift for your loved one. From birthdays through to anniversaries and even Valentines Day, a beautiful house plant will transform your home. They have the ability to freshen the air, add depth to your interior design and help create a house to be proud of. And, for those of us with green fingers and a passion for nature, houseplants are sure to become a much-cherished home addition.

You'll find a wide selection of houseplants here to make the perfect gift. From Crotons and Lemon Lime Dracaena through to Anthuriums and Cheese Plants, no matter your preference there is something right here. The beauty of indoor plants is their ability to withstand care from the least horticulturally minded individual. Certain household plants, including Snake Plants and Orchids, emit oxygen at night which promotes positive sleep. Others can thrive without being exposed to direct midday sun and can be perked up by organic fertilizers. Certain house plants release moisture vapours and can increase the humidity in a room for health purposes. So, no matter the type of plant, we're sure our online collection will contain the perfect gift for anyone you hold dear.

West Somerset Garden Centre has a team of dedicated nature lovers who understand the perfect present for any celebration. If you need further information on the houseplants or online gifts available here, please get in contact with the team here today.

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