Hand Tools

When you are a gardener, you know that a high-quality and reliable collection of hand tools are a must-have. From plants, new seedlings to trimming hedges in your garden, make sure you have the right-hand tool for the job.

Every gardener knows they need a good, sturdy and reliable collection of gardening hand tools to make the task of gardening easier. Hand forks, trowels, scissors and secateurs are perfect for a hands-on approach to gardening.

A hand fork, for example, will assist you in breaking up compact soil and a hand trowel can help you create space for specific plants. Our collection of hand tools also includes safety glasses, pruning scissors and floral shears, amongst others. All our hand tools are made from high-quality material, are durable and reliable. We want you to create a garden you can enjoy, which is why we recommend our collection of hand tools.

Browse through our collection of hand tools today and find the tool that is right for your gardening needs.

West Somerset Garden Centre has a passionate team of enthusiastic garden lovers and experts who have extensive experience and knowledge. If you have any questions about the products available in our hand tools collection or require additional information, get in touch with our team today.

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