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Tom Chambers' best selling bird seed! Great for all-year round feeding in seed feeders, ground feeders or on bird tables.  Classic seed blend includes wheat, black sunflower, maize grits, whole oats, red millet, red dari and a small amount of vegetable oil, perfect for attracting many seed eating birds such as Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Great Tit, Chaffinch, Greenfinch and Sparrow.

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Product Description

By providing garden birds with food you will bring them closer to you, allowing you the joy of watching birds throughout the year.  Your food could also make a huge difference to endangered species, helping them to both thrive and continue to breed successfully.  Garden birds should be fed all year round, however during the autumn and winter months feeding is vital when naturally found food is in short supply.  Feed the birds regularly and continuously throughout the year as birds quickly become dependant on your food! 

Tom Chambers have created nourishing and natural mixes using only the finest ingredients, to attract a wide variety of garden birds all year round.  Try to have several feeding sites around the garden to prevent overcrowding in one location and be aware that different birds will have different feeding habits, whilst many birds will use a feeder some prefer a table or a ground feeder.  Position your feeders or table in an open space with clear views to all sides to prevent potential predator attack.  Having said this branches of trees are good places for hanging feeders as they give the birds easy access to shelter.

Ensure birds have access to fresh water at all times, not only for drinking but also for bathing to keep their feathers in pristine condition helping to keep them warm during the winter months.  Regularly clean your feeders to help reduce the spread of disease and the build up of toxins.  Remove any stale food and clean with water and Hygiene Spray (available to purchase separately), leaving to dry thoroughly before re-filling.


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