27th March 2018 - Fiona - Shop Manager

Spring has not so much sprung as slowly unfurled this year. However it is time to get going in the garden!


Greenhouse Tomato plants can be planted up now in deep pots, growbags or in the ground.  The cordon varieties will require support so make sure canes are in place from the start. If freezing temperatures are forecast then cover the plants with fleece or switch on the Greenhouse heater (available to buy In Store). Watering, throughout the growing season, needs to be consistent otherwise the tomatoes may develop 'Blossom End Rot'.

Once seed potatoes are 'chitted', dig a 12 cm deep trench in a sunny spot of the garden or purchase a potato planter.  Place the potatoes approx. 30cm apart and cover with soil.  As green shoots start to emerge from the ground later on, earth up around them by moving the soil to ensure that the swelling tubers stay covered at all times otherwise the potatoes will be green and inedible!

The new season vegetable plants have arrived in the Garden Centre, the range is extensive including brassicas, leeks, salad crops, onions and root vegetables. When spacing out, imagine the plant fully grown and put them that far apart.  Keep an eye on night temperatures, if frost is predicted then cover tender young plants with a cloche or some protection fleece.

Bean plants are best started in pots and put in the garden later in May. They love a good rich soil so dig plenty of compost in to the planting holes.  Runner beans will require support so either make a wide wigwam or long tent shape from 8ft Bamboo Canes or Hazel sticks.  Try to site the beans out of the wind if you dont want to see your beautiful crop flat on the ground just as they are ready for harvesting!

Fresh herbs are delicious in your Summer dishes e.g. Summer Savoury with beans or Tarragon in a Vinegar Dressing. Many of them dry well to use through the Winter or they can be kept chopped and then frozen. A herb garden or planter next to the kitchen door is perfect for convenience and provides a beautiful scent on a Summer evening.

If you are planning a Wildlife garden then include lavender, marjoram, oregano, thyme and rosemary in your planting to encourage bees and butterflies in.

Happy Gardening!

27th March 2018

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